Workplace wellbeing that puts the mind first

25% of employees suffer with mental health issues
Poor mental health is the single biggest health risk worldwide

The importance of mental health in the workplace

Overwhelming and proven medical evidence is slowly but surely increasing awareness of this once taboo subject which is still admittedly hard to talk openly about.

However, forward thinking businesses are beginning to understand that mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are a significant part of the health issues faced by employees.

Why we put the mind first

We place the mind at the center of our wellbeing program because that is where many issues are manifested . We take a neuroscientific approach that enables us to objectively track and measure emotional and mental wellbeing.

From there we can create a wellbeing program that will help improve both physical and, just as importantly, mental and emotional health.

The problem with conventional wellbeing programs

Conventional wellbeing wisdom

Virtually 100% of the $43 billion global spend in the workplace wellbeing sector is targeted only at physical wellbeing.

The aim is to help people improve their health by increasing fitness levels, improving diet and losing weight etc.

Worthy objectives for sure but the evidence shows us that most simply do not work.

Why isn’t it working?

1. Because most wellbeing schemes appeal to employees who already live a healthy lifestyle and fundamentally fail to engage the people who don’t and who would actually benefit the most. Who, coincidentally, are the employees that cost businesses the most.

2. There is an over reliance on technology as the main delivery method, through apps which are easy to abuse (or ignore) and as a result, cannot really deliver sustainable behavioral change.

3. And finally, they fail to identify the root cause of the lack of engagement, which can often be a mental health related issue such as depression or anxiety. And unless this is understood then no progress can be made.

Wellbeing delivered by smart people not just smart phones

Our workplace wellbeing evaluation and development programs are delivered on a one-to-one or one-to-group basis by our team of skilled and specialized coaches.

We use technology to make communication more efficient where it is most impactful. But the key to our approach is human first and technology second, which results in far higher engagement than conventional wellbeing programs.

First we evaluate

This is the neuroscience bit that helps us see in more detail the challenges that individuals are facing.

Evaluation starts with a simple chat and focused Q & A session followed by our unique neuroscientific mental health assessment.

Then we develop

Once we understand the challenges that each individual is facing we are better equipped to deliver a wellbeing program that:

A) Is tailored to each individual
B) That will help them develop
C) Is based on personal one-to-one relationships
D) They will want to engage with

The Beingwell365 Life Key system

Our unique approach focuses on 5 specific areas that we call the Beingwell365 Life Keys. Combined, they are the secret to unlocking successful workplace wellbeing.






Mental & emotional health

  • Professional neuroscientific mental health evaluation
  • Tracked and measured improvement strategies
  • Neuroscientific treatment if required
  • Life coaching
  • Behavior change

Wellbeing starts at home

  • Managing the care of dependants
  • Parenting and life skills
  • Family work life balance
  • Family relationship management

Movement, nutrition & sleep

  • Achievable movement and exercise goals
  • Nutrition advice and guidance
  • Healthy eating plans & one-to-one coaching
  • Understanding sleep related issues
  • Improving sleep quality & quantity

A better work environment

  • Analysis and visualization of the impact of:
    • Where we work
    • How we work
    • When we work
  • Delivering outcomes that directly impact productivity

Easing financial pressure

  • Tackling the common financial pitfalls we all fall into from time to time
  • How to achieve better control of money and finances
  • Learning programs that are easy to use

So who benefits?

The simple answer is everyone.

Taking a neuroscientific approach from the start and properly identifying the challenges of each member means that there is a much higher engagement rate at every level, regardless of age, gender, seniority or skill level.

This also means that the ROI on a Beingwell365 program is significantly higher.

In addition, each individual’s development progress is also measurable giving a unique insight into the overall health of your organization.

And the elephant in the room?

Poor mental health, just like poor physical health is a fact and it affects us all. It is no longer acceptable to ignore the mental health of our employees.

That’s why we place this subject at the center of our wellbeing program, why we champion the benefits of a neuroscientific approach and why we employ top quality specialist coaches.

It is time to start talking about the elephant in the room.

Addressing mental health issues in the workplace is a vital part of any wellbeing strategy

Leading from the front

The sharp end of any business or organization is often where there is the most stress, a major contributing factor in depression and anxiety.

We work with senior executives to; raise awareness of mental health at work, to overcome stress related issues like depression, to help build mental resilience and toughness to better cope with stress, and to see the benefit of putting the mind at the center of workplace wellbeing.

Experience has taught us that leading from the front significantly helps to create positive and lasting behavior change when implementing a wellbeing program.

Leading from the front with a mind first approach will help you achieve lasting and measurable results

Lead from the front and create positive behavior change by motivating your employees and helping them to live their personal best


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